Another Year of re:Invent, Another Year of Advances for F5 on AWS

F5's Chad Whalen reflects on the significant advancements F5 has made with AWS following an amazing week at AWS re:Invent.

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F5 Bolsters NZ Channel Team to Accelerate Local Growth

Jodie Tran joins F5 as Partner Manager for New Zealand

EMEA’s Top 50 Cloud Innovators Revealed

Unique report highlights best organisations harnessing the cloud for innovation and success

Security Rule One: You’re probably violating it right now

By now you’ve heard Security Rule Zero enough to know it by heart. You do know it by heart, right? Just in case, let me refresh your memory: THOU SHALT NOT TRUST USER INPUT. EVER. Excellent. Now...

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Lessons Learned from a Decade of Data Breaches

F5 Labs researched 433 breach cases spanning 12 years, 37 industries, and 27 countries to discover patterns in the initial attacks that lead to the breach.

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Security Rule Zero: A Warning about X-Forwarded-For

Proxies operate on the premise that they exist to forward requests from one system to another. They generally add some value like load balancing (scale), data leak prevention (security), or...

F5 Achieves AWS Networking Competency

The BIG-IP Virtual Edition showcased its ability to ensure performance, availability, and security for business-critical applications hosted within the AWS cloud.

Open Source Spotlight: F5 Announces It Will Commit More than Code

Open source has come a long way (baby) since the days of lengthy downloads and subsequent custom compiles of Slackware.

A CISO Landmine: No Security Awareness Training

CISOs who fail to prioritize security awareness training are putting their business and assets at serious risk.

F5 joins the Cloud Native Computing Foundation as Silver Member

CNCF kicks off KubeCon and CloudNativeCon with 31 new members.

Avoiding the Epidemic of Hospital Hacks

Good security is highly dependent on hospital staff being well trained and having the discipline to follow security processes—manual and otherwise—to the letter.

HTTP Rising: Telemetry, Tracking, and Terror in Container Environs

HTTP is ubiquitous. If a device has networking capabilities, it probably speaks HTTP as fluently as you speak your native language.

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What Happens to Encryption in a Post-Quantum Computing World?

As the possibility of quantum computing draws nearer, changes to today’s TLS key exchange algorithms will be required.

Cloud Can’t Protect You Against Yourself

Cloud security. The term itself is actually meaningless without qualification. Do you mean the security of the underlying infrastructure that makes up “cloud”? Or perhaps of command and control...

The Startup Security Challenge: Safe in the Cloud from Day One

How this cloud startup met its goals for security and availability right out of the gate by setting goals, doing a risk analysis, and examining tradeoffs.

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Achieving Multi-Dimensional Security through Information Modeling—Unwrapping Controls Part 4

In Part 3 of this blog series, we demonstrated modeling the threat landscape along with executive threat-modeling. In this blog, we discuss the importance of defining controls.

If Your Security Question List Looks like a Facebook Favorite List, Start Over Now

Seriously, how many colors are there? And how many of us share the same love of one of those limited choices?

F5 Names Michael Mak as General Manager of Hong Kong and Macau

F5 appoints Michael Mak to the company’s regional leadership team to drive business growth in Greater China.

How to Win at Multi-Cloud: Standardize then Automate to Innovate

Cloud has always been about realizing economies of scale. With digital transformation driving organizations to seek new opportunities to improve productivity (internal) and profit (external) with...

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As Tech Start-Ups Mature, So Do Their Headquarters

Downtown Seattle's F5 Tower is featured in this New York Times article on the trend of maturing tech start-ups moving into newer high-end offices, with commentary from F5's Jay Phillips. ...

Open Source Spotlight: F5 Infrastructure as Code and Multi-Cloud Manageability

You might have noted that a significant drum beat under the multi-cloud mantra is manageability. That’s because the task of scaling, securing, and delivering apps to users requires a certain set of...

Managing Digital Certs: Making the Essential Less Annoying

F5's Dan Schrader highlights how BIG-IQ makes SSL certificate management (and your life) a bit easier.

Speed and Scale: F5 BIG-IP as Ingress control for Kubernetes

There’s as much confusion as there is chaos in container land. Every day seems to bring some new capability or component to the world of container orchestration environments. That’s necessary,...

Phishing: The Secret of its Success and What You Can Do to Stop It

Learn about the tricks attackers use to dupe unsuspecting users and how you can help protect them—and your organization.

Understanding the state of cloud journey in Asia Pacific

This year we hosted a series of Cloud focused events in the region and were fortunate to be able to connect with a number of customers. In this blog, I would like to summarize where those customers...

Combat Commodified Attacks with Managed Security Services

Anyone with access to a computer can point a DDoS-for-hire push button tool anywhere they want for just a few bucks. The sophistication is low and the accessibility is high, meaning the frequency...

Is a Good Offense the Best Defense Against Hackers?

Proposed legislation could change existing laws that bars victims of hacking attacks from striking back.

Dutch-Bangla Bank Limited Enhances Performance and Access to Its Banking Services with F5 Solutions

F5's BIG-IP platform helped reduce system downtime, improve end user experience, and integrate with Cisco ACI.

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The New OSI Network Stack: Containers and Half-Layers

Back in 1983, a group of like-minded folks in the computer and telecom industries got together to create a detailed specification they called the Open Systems Interconnection (OSI).

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The Risks of Running HTTP are Increasing but Manageable

Whether we like it or not, HTTP is the de facto application transport protocol of the modern age. We use it everywhere. It’s as ubiquitous as IP and TCP, and serves much the same purpose. Its only...

Automation, Clouds, and Continuous Delivery: Learning What to Learn

F5's Robert Haynes gives a quick run-down of automation topics to consider (and where to start).

Where does a WAF fit in the data path?

The data path contains multiple insertion points at which a WAF can be deployed. But that doesn’t mean every insertion point is a good idea.

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Scary Candy Week: KRACK and ROCA

What You Need to Know and What You Need to Do – It’s not a coincidence that Halloween falls in October. We humans have a heightened fear perception this time of year; it’s some kind of vestigial...

Open Source Spotlight: OpenStack LBaaS Extended Service Definitions

One of the often mentioned benefits of cloud – private or public, on-prem or off – is speed. Speed to provision, speed to scale, speed to ultimately get an app delivered to the users who desire or...

Reaper: The Professional Bot Herder’s Thingbot

While Reaper might be considered an “object lesson” today, it should serve as a blistering warning that IoT security needs to be fixed now.

F5 Networks Announces Fourth Quarter and Fiscal 2017 Results

SEATTLE – F5 Networks, Inc. (NASDAQ: FFIV) today announced revenue of $538.0 million for the fourth quarter of fiscal 2017, up 2.4% from $525.3 million in the fourth quarter of fiscal 2016....

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Why CVEs Should Be Given Priority One for Resolution

When considering vulnerabilities, remember application security is a stack. You may have heard me say this before, but sometimes we need a reminder that modern applications are never deployed alone.

How F5’s WAF Earned its AWS Security Competency

F5's Tom Atkins takes a closer look at the company's recently achieved AWS milestone, supporting those aiming to mitigate attacks on applications deployed in the public cloud.

How Container Orchestration Environments Impact Health Monitoring

At the heart of availability is monitoring. Every load balancer – before it chooses a target resource – has to know whether that resource is actually available or not. Otherwise, what’s the point? ...

New Threat May Slip through the KRACK in BYOD Policies

Combating this vulnerability might mean you have to force updates on employees’ personal devices or deny them access altogether.

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