F5 Container Connector: Now with Ingress Control, Red Hat OpenShift, and Pivotal Cloud Foundry

If you haven’t noticed, containers are continuing to build momentum with a surprising speed. Not even cloud can brag of this kind of zealous adoption. While it’s important to remember that...

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Programmable Proxies are the Duct Tape of the Internet

Programmable proxies protect ports from predators – like those targeting SMB today.   When the Internet was in its infancy, my oldest three children were teenagers. Even then – with a far...

Report: IoT attacks exploded by 280% in the first half of 2017

To assess the current state of IoT threats, F5 Labs released its global threat report—The Hunt for IoT Vol. 3: The Rise of Thingbots—which examined how attackers have developed botnets to target...

F5 Named a Leader in Gartner Magic Quadrant for Web Application Firewalls

SEATTLE – F5 Networks (NASDAQ: FFIV) today announced that it has been positioned by Gartner, Inc. in the Leaders quadrant of its Magic Quadrant for Web Application...

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Ingress Controllers: New Name, Familiar Function

Colloquialisms. These are those words and phrases that have a uniquely local meaning that can confound those not native to the area. For example, when I’m out and about and thirsty, I look for a...

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Lessons from Togo: What F5’s new CEO learned about business and life growing up in Africa

F5 CEO Francois Locoh-Donou sits down with GeekWire to discuss his background, encouraging young Africans to study technology and become entrepreneurs, and cashew farming. August 11, 2017 — GeekWire

The Hunt for IoT: The Rise of Thingbots

With “thingbots” now launching Death Star-sized DDoS attacks, hosting banking trojans, and causing physical destruction, all signs are pointing to them becoming the attacker infrastructure of the...

Premier Management Company Secures Healthcare Data with F5 Cloud-Based WAF

Using an F5 security solution in the Microsoft Azure cloud, the organization protected its data and ensured compliance with a scalable web application firewall.

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NetOps and DevOps Want More Collaboration in a Multi-Cloud World

F5 Networks (NASDAQ: FFIV) announced the results of a recent survey comparing the views of over 850 NetOps and DevOps IT professionals on their respective disciplines and collaboration practices....

Was DC25 My Last DEF CON?

F5's David Holmes looks back at the recently concluded DC25 and ponders future attendance.

F5 Survey Finds DevOps and NetOps Agree on Importance of Automation and Frequency of Deployments

There are two sides to every coin, so the old adage goes. It goes without saying that both sides of the coin are the same color even if they bear different images.   So we discovered when...

F5 DevOps and NetOps Survey Report: Automation is Key to Bridging the Digital Divide

Much is made of the archetypical relationship between DevOps and NetOps. We are constantly barraged with a litany of “us versus them” rhetoric that pits the one against the other...

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Cloud Needs Operational Gates–Especially for Security

In January of 2017, the very popular MongoDB suffered what seems to be becoming a fairly predictable tactic for attackers: taking data hostage. Subsequent investigation noted that for the most...

Can Engineers Build Networks Too Complicated for Humans to Operate? Part I: Scope of the Problem

This series explores how InfoSec practitioners can use math, technology, and critical thinking to mitigate risk in a world where networks and data have surpassed the scope of human comprehension.

Black Hat at 20 – A Quick Recap

F5's principal threat research evangelist puts on his reporter hat to bring you some insights from one of the oldest hacker conferences there is.

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Container Danger in the Cloud

The slow but steady migration to cloud-based environments has had an impact on many aspects of IT. One we rarely make mention of is administration. But we should.

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Realizing FIPS Validation in Virtualized, SDN, and Cloud Data Centers

Securing your data and infrastructure while transitioning to cloud (and software-defined everything) is complicated, but throw in tighter, stricter regulatory compliance and then you really have...

Are Your Apps Stressing Out Users with Poor Performance?

While apps represent opportunities to improve productivity and increase profits, poor performance and annoyed users bring these gains to a halt.

Serverless = Operations on Autopilot

You’re going to need a platform for automation and orchestration. Serverless might be just what you were looking for. Serverless (a.k.a. Function as a Service) is still very much in its infancy....

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Rethink Your Access Strategy, Think BeyondCorp

F5's Lee Slaughter offers his take on the 'zero trust' model, along with solutions from F5 and Google.

Unpacking a Multi-Cloud Approach

SVP Calvin Rowland breaks down what it means for organizations to deploy multi-cloud solutions, touching on DevOps topics as well.

Is 2017 Half Empty or Half Full?

F5 DevCentral's Pete Silva takes a look at tech trends thus far in 2017, with ransomeware (still) top-of-mind.

In Container Land, Declarative Configuration is King

Digital transformation on the inside is integral to enabling digital transformation on the outside. One of the foundational components of internal digital transformation is automation, which relies...

Stop the IoT attack that comes before THE ATTACK

Generally speaking, the use of the term “attack” has come to mean an attempt to deny service to an organization. That’s likely because the frequency and volume of DDoS attacks have had serious...

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Private Clouds Demand a Different Mindset

Successful private cloud adoption is not (just) about the infrastructure. It requires fundamental changes in the way your network operations work.

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Digital Transformation is More than just Going Paperless

F5's Lori MacVittie discusses the interplay between 'big box' and 'big digital' shopping in light of an experience economy.

TCP Optimization Enhancements for a Better Mobile Experience

The industry's use of TCP has evolved (far) beyond its original intentions. Patricia Du examines the ways TCP optimization better addresses modern user behavior.

Production Ready is not User Ready

Continuous delivery is the penultimate goal of organizations’ embracing DevOps. It is not the ultimate goal, because that would continuous deployment. Much ado is made in the alleyways of DevOps...

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SSL Performance Results: F5 VIPRION B4450 Test With Ixia CloudStorm 100GE

In April 2017, Ixia used its CloudStorm 100GE Application and Security Test Load Module to run an SSL performance test on an F5 VIPRION B4450 Application Delivery Controller blade in a VIPRION...

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F5 VIPRION 4450 Blade Delivers Unparalleled SSL Performance

To meet the challenges of a world where SSL is everywhere, all the time, enterprises must choose ciphers that are secure yet scalable—and deploy high performance application delivery solutions,...

How safe is safe enough?

F5's APAC team presents a stylized guide with tips on protecting yourself from cyber criminals and specific attacks.

Top Security Findings in the F5 State of Application Delivery Report

Nearly one in five of report respondents have security titles. F5's David Holmes takes a closer look at what's important to them.

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Automated App Services in Cisco ACI with F5 Private Cloud Solution Package for Cisco Networking

Today’s software-defined economy requires businesses to move faster than their competitors. Speed and agility are critical to keeping up with competitive demands for new applications, as well as...

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Virtualize to Scale on Demand: Dynamic Service Function Chaining in the S/Gi-LAN

F5's Patricia Du discusses service provider topics, including how value-added services improve the customer experience by controlling traffic based on user profiles, network policies, and...

F5 Networks Appoints Gabriel Breeman as Vice President to Drive Partner Sales Growth in APAC

Based in Singapore, Breeman will work with cross-functional leaders to strategically expand and evolve the F5 sales channels and alliance partner landscape.

New Auto Scaling & Standalone WAF solution for Amazon AWS

Let’s begin slightly off-topic by discussing the world’s favorite video on-demand service, Netflix. Between 2009 and 2016, Netflix observed a staggering increase in subscribers, from 12 million to...

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Good Enough is only Good Enough Until It Isn’t

Then it’s too late to cajole frustrated customers to come back. They’ve already found another provider of whatever it was you were trying to sell them.

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Three Things App Security is Not

App security is a lot of things, but sometimes we need to stop and consider what it isn’t, particularly as the volume and frequency of applications developed and deployed to meet the insatiable...

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