What Makes F5 a Leader in WAF?

Brian McHenry looks at F5's diversity of WAF services and web application security capabilities in the context of a recent analyst report.

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Big data doesn’t lie but the people who enter it might

There’s an old business axiom we all know that  goes like this: The customer is always right. In this digital economy, it turns out that axiom has to change to read: The customer’s data is...

The Container Colloquialism Translator for NetOps

There are days when the jargon coming out of container land makes your head swim. With each new capability or feature offered by related solutions – service mesh, orchestrators, registries – seems...

F5 Welcomes Mary Gardner as Chief Information Security Officer

SEATTLE – F5 Networks (NASDAQ: FFIV) today announced that Mary Gardner has joined the company’s leadership team as its Chief Information Security Officer (CISO). In this role, she is...

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Thwart Attacks and Pay it Forward: F5’s Security Incident Response is on the House

Website or apps under attack? See what F5's emergency incident response services can do for you (and the broader security community)

Conquer Your Cloud Security Concerns with F5 Advanced WAF on AWS and Azure

These virtual editions protect applications and data with complete feature parity across on-premises and multi-cloud deployments.

Application Capital

F5 SVP Kara Sprague outlines an evolution of physical and digital capital that has led to the present era of Application Capital as an organization's most valuable asset.

Introducing F5's New FIPS and Turbo SSL Appliances

F5 rounds out its appliance portfolio with improved price/performance, along with enhanced security and compliance features.

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You Can’t Do Immutable Infrastructure without a Per-App Architecture

Back in 2013, we were introduced to the concept of an immutable server. An immutable server is, as the term immutable suggests, static. Its configuration is fixed and cannot (or at least should...

Container Automation Drives Frictionless App Services

One of the ways app developers are able to simplify their dev and test is to incorporate containers and microservices for maximum efficiency and portability.

F5 Named a WAF Leader by Independent Research Firm

SEATTLE ‒ F5 Networks (NASDAQ: FFIV) today announced that it has been named a Leader in The Forrester Wave™: Web Application Firewalls, Q2 2018 report, published June 25, 2018. The Forrester...

Mainstream Microservices Mania: Challenges Increasing with Adoption

Just a few short years ago microservices were a curiosity discussed by developers with a kind of giddy excitement at the possibilities and opportunities the fledgling app architecture presented. ...

Unblocking Change: Continuous Learning in the DevOps Era

For network ops, industry shifts can prove quite disruptive as app teams bypass controls and systems that made perfect sense at one time.

Economic Espionage: How Nation-State-Funded APTs Steal Billions in Secrets

F5 Labs’ Ray Pompon explores how intellectual property theft relates to your morning latte...and is also costing the U.S. $600 billion per year.

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The Surprising Truth about Digital Transformation: Container Confusion

This is the last blog in a series on the challenges arising from digital transformation. The Surprising Truth about Digital Transformation The Surprising Truth about Digital Transformation:...

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BIG-IP Cloud Edition: The Security Advantage of Per-App Architectures

Apps introduce risk, and the apps that rely on other apps introduce even more risk – Zach Westall continues his blog series on BIG-IP Cloud Edition

The Surprising Truth about Digital Transformation: Diseconomy of Scale

This is the fourth blog in a series on the challenges arising from digital transformation. The Surprising Truth about Digital Transformation The Surprising Truth about Digital Transformation:...

The Health of your Apps: Analytics in BIG-IP Cloud Edition and BIG-IQ 6.0

A closer look at how F5 provides an application-centric view of the health, performance, and security of your applications and the devices that serve them.

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F5 Labs' Sara Boddy featured in Fox Business News article on cyberattacks during the U.S.-North Korea summit

Singapore became the number one target of cyberattacks in the world on June 11–12, with 88% deployed by Russian IP addresses.

Advanced Attackers: Stealthy, Patient, Dangerous

CISOs recently ranked advanced persistent threats (APTs) as their #1 concern. F5 Labs’ Ray Pompon gives you a look at tips, tools, and some basic protections.

F5 Officially Supporting Ansible for Application Services Deployment

As part of the robust and expanding Ansible ecosystem, F5 provides a wide variety of Ansible modules to automate the onboarding, configuration and deployment of F5 application services. Enabling...

BIG-IP Cloud Edition: What You Need to Know

F5’s BIG-IP Cloud Edition is now released and available to order. Since you already may have read the general overview from our press release last month, I will use this blog to drill into more...

Bot Defense Should be a Key Component of a Proactive Security Strategy

Usually when we talk about app protection we immediately focus on web application firewalls. Specifically, we tend to focus on the OWASP Top Ten and application layer vulnerabilities that can lead...

A Brief Catch-Up Ahead of the AWS Public Sector Summit

Each year, Washington D.C. plays host to one of the largest cloud-oriented public sector gatherings on the planet – AWS’ suitably dubbed Public Sector Summit.

BIG-IP VE Availability for the U.S. Intelligence Community on AWS

AWS C2S, or Commercial Cloud Services as it’s otherwise known, is the name of the government program and contract vehicle that brought an air-gapped, top secret region of the AWS cloud to the U.S....

Russia Attacks Global Network Infrastructure Through Vulnerabilities That Extend Far Beyond Targets

US-CERT TL18-106A alert underscores how insecure Internet systems really are and that ignoring the problem only increases the collateral damage.

The Surprising Truth about Digital Transformation: Skipping Security

It will be no surprise for many IT veterans to hear that when app performance becomes an issue, security is the first service out the door.

Application-Centric Management with BIG-IP Cloud Edition

At F5, ADCs have always been about applications. After all, that is what the A in ADC is all about. F5 has done a good job on focusing on application delivery – our customer community, DevCentral,...

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The Surprising Truth about Digital Transformation: Cloud Chaos

This is the second blog in a series from Lori MacVittie. Let us note that the chaos associated with cloud is most often a people and process problem, not a technical one.

Application Services Update: More than 4 in 5 use SSL Termination

It’s time again to dig into the application services organizations are actually using to make apps faster and safer. Of note this quarter again is a continuing rise in use of bot defense services....

Open Source Spotlight: Increasing Observability with F5 Cloud Logger iApp

Developers (and DevOps) crave observability. That’s visibility, but with more alacrity, meaning APIs and integration with tools and dashboards.

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The Surprising Truth about Digital Transformation and What It’s Doing to Your Network

It’s not really that technology is changing all that much, it’s more the fact that how we engage with technology is rapidly changing.

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Top Five Scalability Patterns

Availability is serious business in an economy where applications are currency. Apps that don’t respond are summarily deleted and bad mouthed on the Internet with the speed and sarcasm of a...

Load Balancing Apps and APIs: Algorithms versus Architecture

For the most part, scaling apps and APIs are pretty much the same thing. Both require some sort of load balancer – usually a proxy – and are required to distribute requests across a pool of...

F5 Anti-Bot Mobile SDK Extends Bot Protection to Mobile Apps

Byron McNaught looks at the ways back-end mobile API components can be exposed to automated attacks such as content scraping, denial of service, and a wave of other new threats (and what you can do...

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F5 Appoints Francis J. Pelzer as Chief Financial Officer

SEATTLE – F5 announced Francis “Frank” J. Pelzer has joined the company’s leadership team as Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, reporting to the CEO.

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IT Automation is Strategic

What if I told you that “mainframes host more transactions daily than Google (1.3 million/second on CICS vs. 68,542/second on Google), including 55 percent of all enterprise transactions.”...

Azure Stack Support – Expanding F5’s Multi-Cloud Ecosystem

F5 empowers Azure users to further enhance the hybrid capabilities of architectures through replication of supporting application services across environments.

F5 is an Initial Launch Member of Microsoft’s Intelligent Security Association

The security of applications, data, and networking infrastructure is now more critical than ever, given the continued evolution of cyberattack vectors and the frequency at which they occur. It is...

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See How to Route Apps across Multi-Cloud Containers with F5 and Red Hat

F5 is at Red Hat Summit this week demonstrating multi-cloud capabilities with OpenShift Containers, Ansible automation, and Aspen Mesh / Istio insight.

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NetOps Take Note of SRE Focus on MTTR to Realize Availability

Site Reliability Engineer (SRE) is a relatively new role – usually within engineering or operations – focused on maintaining, unsurprisingly, site reliability. That generally means availability of...

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